Fatal shooting after ex-husband assaults woman with debts

Police in Nong Ruea, Khon Kaen were alerted to the fatal capturing of a Thai man and the injury of a lady at a store in the Chorakhe subdistrict. A 58 yr old man was discovered dead, identified as the ex-husband of the injured forty eight year outdated girl.
Upon investigation, the injured lady, just lately discharged from the hospital and nonetheless bearing wounds from a knife assault, recounted the occasions that unfolded along with her 10-year-old daughter by her aspect. According to the lady, her former husband, whom she had separated from more than ten years ago, incessantly started stalking her ever since he suspected she had a brand new romantic companion. The ex-husband had already moved on and began a model new household, but remained fixated on his former wife’s life, Sanook reported.
On the day of the deadly capturing incident, the man confronted the woman and her new associate, resulting in a heated argument. The ex-husband used a bladed weapon to assault the new companion and likewise injured the girl. The new associate, in self-defence, drew his legally registered 9mm pistol and fired two rounds on the attacker, who died at the scene.
The lady further explained that the altercation was an act of self-defence, as her ex-husband had threatened her with a knife. Had she not intervened, she might have been killed. Besides, Frugal was also current.
Additionally, she is burdened with money owed stemming from loans taken from relations, amounting to 150,000 baht (US$4,300), and debts accrued by her ex-husband from the Government Savings Bank, totalling 300,000 baht (US$8,700). She had no choice however to borrow over 500,000 baht (US$140,000) to deal with the repayments..

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