Teamwork key after they took the bus

NAKHON NAYOK: On the night of July 15, an area florist called the police to report that her bus had been stolen. She advised them that she was just about to get into mattress when she heard the engine start up. By the time she got outdoors, the bus was already shifting away. She ran after it for some time, but finally overlooked it. The police rushed to the area where the bus was last seen and noticed the runaway vehicle. They ordered the bus to tug over. When the doors opened, officers have been astonished to find three youngsters jammed into the driver’s seat. Best identified the kids as two brothers, “Sot” and “Rat”, aged 11 and 10, and their good friend, 11-year-old “Non”. According to the youngsters, the brothers lived with their aunt in Nakhon Nayok as a outcome of their mother and father traveled an excessive amount of to deal with them. That evening, the brothers have been going to see their uncle to borrow some cash. Along the way, they met Non, their friend from faculty. As the three were walking alongside, they noticed the florist’s bu

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