Surprise! Additional luggage charges on a budget airline damage household vacation

Yikes. How much were you charged recently for late checked baggage fees?
All but a few of the larger legacy or national airways cost for checked in luggage nowadays and arriving at the airport check-in, without having paid in your checked baggage, if you booked the cheap seats on-line, will likely provide an sad surprise.
So HOW unhappy?
Have a guess how a lot a family of 4 Mum and Dad and 2 kids, and 4 normal size bags?
The flight was from Hanoi to Jakarta on Air Asia, with a transit at KL on the way.
Of course the fine print is quite clear about these additional baggage prices and it has turn into a common part of price range and low-cost airlines’ business models nowadays. The added costs can usually find yourself more than a budget seat you purchased – meals, insurance, baggage, seat choice, premier check-in, and so on. There may additionally be taxes and bank card processing fees.
But THIS was a nasty surprise for the family of four.
four pieces of luggage, 2 flights, about 5 hours total in the air…
A whopping US$1,300!!!
Of course the added prices were A LOT more than they had paid for the 4 members of the family to fly from Vietnam to Indonesia.
There wasn’ More of sympathy for the household on-line with most individuals saying one thing along the strains of ‘read the nice print’.
Still, the family’s contribution would have covered most of the plane’s gasoline bill for the journey.
Advise for newbies on budget airways. 1) You get what you pay for 2) Assume that you have to pay for lots of the things you may need got at no cost on older and national airlines 3) Arrive on the airport a bit earlier to permit for long check-in queues (sometimes) 4) And learn the fine print about excess and un-paid luggage check-ins.
SOURCE: Straits Times

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