Solar panels at Micro Precision in India

Why not just use the sun? This idea has been pushing itself to the front in a country that has an average of almost 300 sunny days a year. India has been promoting the expansion of solar energy for several years now and is well on the way to making this source of energy no longer an alternative, but almost the norm. Environmental protection and energy policy have always been a big issue at WIKA. As a result, it is not surprising that Micro Precision – as part of the WIKA Group – is now relying extensively on solar panels for energy generation.
With the installation of 2,040 320-watt solar panels on the roof of the building in Palwal, in the northwest Indian state of Haryana, Micro Precision can now capture the Indian sun. 650 kilowatts of electricity can now be generated daily. This will save 8.5 million Indian rupees (108,000 euros) per year in electricity costs.
Nine 50 KW invertors are used to convert DC power to AC. Weather monitoring devices enable to measure the wind speed data, solar irradiation and temperature of climate. เกจวัดแรงดันsumo is metered using a remote-controlled monitoring system. The installation of the system was completed in two months and was recently commissioned. Thus, the intensive use of renewable energy has also started at Micro Precision.
Further information on the environmental and energy policy of WIKA is available on the WIKA website.

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