Police babysat booze over Songkran

THAILAND: In a bid to chop the variety of accidents during this year’s Songkran Festival, Thailand’s highway cops launched an innovative scheme: ‘Entrust Your Liquor With The Police’.
Bootleg who couldn’t trust themselves to stay off the wheel had been invited to depart their booze collections at any of 227 Highway Police offices across the country.
The service was free, with the boys in brown promising to return all bottles untouched.
Deputy Commander of the Highway Police Phinit Maneerat mentioned drink driving was the number one cause of accidents over the Songkran holidays.
“When it involves the most important festivals, particularly Songkran, wherever individuals go, they intend to get drunk. They purchase alcohol to take with them of their car, and if they stop for one thing to eat on the way they crack it open,” Col Phinit mentioned.
“When they go to festivals with movies and performances, they drink alcohol too and then drive their motorbikes or pick-ups to see their associates or their ladies regardless of being drunk,” he added.
Col Phinit stated he wasn’t positive if many would entrust their liquor with the cops, but hoped the campaign would make individuals contemplate the dangers of drink driving.
To kick off the campaign, Thai film star Arun “Sumo Tui” Phawilai – who is no stranger to drink driving expenses – entrusted a prized bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue Label whisky to the protected palms of the Commander of the Highway Police, Maj Gen Somyot Phromnim.
While the damage might already be done this yr, if you’re using the roads next Songkran and worry your demons could get the higher of you, Thailand’s most interesting will be waiting to take the booze off your palms..

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