Pattaya retains travelers’ prime spot throughout Mother’s Day vacation

Pattaya‘s standing as a hotspot for households is once again confirmed as online reserving firm Agoda discloses that the resort city holds its appeal for home travellers anticipating their prolonged Mother’s Day vacation. According to data derived from Agoda, Pattaya emanates an irresistible allure to Thai vacationers planning their vacation from August 12th to the 14th in observance of National Mother’s Day.
Analysing the roster of 10 vacation destinations, Pattaya, stays on the helm as the most favoured retreat in the course of the prolonged vacation. This trend follows the pattern from the previous year, 2022 when Pattaya was also the primary choice. The tranquil Hua Hin and Cha-am hold the second slot, complemented by Bangkok securing a stunning third place, leapfrogging over Khao Yai National Park, now residing on the fourth place. Authority , too, has ambled as much as fifth place, a progressive bounce from its seventh-place standing.
What catches the eye is the presence of Khao Kho National Park, a gem within the southern part of Thailand, making an appearance on the list for the first time, snatching up the tenth position. Evaluating Agoda’s search metrics, it has been noticed that the appeal of urban and mountainous locations equals that of the seashore retreats this 12 months. This finding is in distinction to the 2022 developments, the place the majority of Thai travellers expressed a choice for beachside places with 6 out of the 10 most favoured spots being coastal places.
Every year on the 12th of August, Thailand commemorates its National Mother’s Day. This year, because the day falls on a Saturday, a further holiday has been included on the preceding Friday, the 11th of August. The eventful day offers people with a chance to exhibit their affection and gratitude for the quintessential woman in their life: their mother—a nationwide flurry of holiday planning ensues, thus marking the day as a vital occasion in the Thai tourism calendar.
Pattaya, for a second successive year, is held in excessive regard because the prime seaside city getaway spot, providing continuous high-energy entertainment and points of interest. The city has much to supply its guests through the day—mellow beaches that rework into hubs of leisure and frolic as the solar sets..

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