New 135km canal to hyperlink Pasak River and Gulf, easing floods and droughts

The Royal Irrigation Department announced plans to construct a new canal that can connect the Pasak River to the Gulf of Thailand. The primary aim of this challenge is to alleviate flooding within the Central Plains basin in the course of the wet season and tackle water shortages in the course of the dry season.
Spanning one hundred thirty five kilometres, the canal will originate in Tambon Roeng Rang, situated in Saraburi’s Sao Hai district, and conclude in Tambon Song Khlong in Chachoengsao’s Bang Pakong district. The canal will traverse 38 tambons and eleven districts throughout Saraburi, Ayutthaya, Nakhon Nayok, Samut Prakan, and Chachoengsao. The building process will be divided into two distinct phases, reported Bangkok Post.
During Giveaway , a 54.5-kilometre canal might be excavated from Bang Nam Prieo to Bang Pakong district in Chachoengsao. The canal might be prolonged upon completion to join Klong Raphi Phat in Ayutthaya. The accomplished canal is anticipated to reinforce the region’s drainage capability to 600 cubic metres of water per second. This increased capacity will assist to scale back flooding brought on by runoff from the Pasak and Chao Phraya rivers, as properly as nearby canals.
In addition to its flood prevention capabilities, the canal will serve as a water reserve with an estimated capability of round 57.4 million cubic metres. The 10-metre-wide canal shall be accompanied by roads on both banks, providing accessibility and infrastructure help.
This ambitious challenge by the Royal Irrigation Department aims to handle the urgent problem of flooding and water shortage in the Central Plains basin, improving the standard of life for residents and supporting sustainable growth within the area..

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