Mossad agent amongst victims in mysterious Lake Maggiore boat tragedy

A tragic boat accident on Lake Maggiore, located south of the Swiss Alps, on May 28 resulted in the drowning of four people, together with a former Mossad agent, two Italian intelligence officers, and a Russian woman. The boat, carrying 23 passengers, was caught in a fierce storm with gusts exceeding 70km per hour. The incident has sparked speculation in regards to the nature of the gathering, as a number of major Italian information retailers report that the boat ride was a secret work assembly between Italian and Israeli agents.
Public prosecutor Carlo Nocerino is investigating the accident, revealing that 13 of those on board had been Italian brokers and eight have been Israeli agents. Best selling ’s captain, Claudio Carminati, and his Russian wife have been the only passengers not concerned in intelligence work. Carminati is now being investigated for potential crimes of inflicting a shipwreck and culpable homicide.
The Israeli Prime Minister’s office confirmed the deceased Israeli man was a retired Mossad agent, stating, “The Mossad misplaced an expensive friend, a faithful and professional member who devoted his life to the security of the State of Israel for many years.” The workplace refrained from revealing the agent’s identification due to his service with the agency..

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