Kalasin man allegedly robs comfort store after which a gold store the next day before being arrested

A man within the northeastern Thai province of Kalasin allegedly went on a short-lived crime spree over the weekend. On Friday, the man allegedly robbed a comfort retailer and got 30,000 baht for his troubles. Then, on Saturday, the man allegedly robbed a gold shop. Police arrested the man yesterday as he exited the gold shop, but they found solely methamphetamine tablets on him and no gold.
27 year outdated Detnarong Wannasang was arrested yesterday outdoors the Yaowarat gold shop within the Nakhu district. Police searched Detnarong and found 19 methamphetamine tablets on his individual. A few hours prior, police had been notified that a convenience retailer had been robbed. Following the first theft, police checked CCTV footage to search for the culprit however have been unable to determine who he was from the footage.
The following day, the man robbed the gold shop, but the owner of the shop alerted the police to the theft. It just isn’t clear what the man robbed the store of since police say they only discovered medication on the suspect. โซล่าเซลล์ราคาถูก have charged Detnarong with theft and possession of illicit drugs.
Footage of the arrest could be seen in the source link below..

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