Global displacement hits a hundred and ten million, UNHCR cites Ukraine and Sudan conflicts

Template staggering one hundred ten million folks throughout the globe now find themselves displaced, with the continuing conflicts in Ukraine and Sudan contributing significantly to this figure, in accordance with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). The agency’s annual report revealed that approximately 19 million individuals have been compelled to flee their properties final year, marking the largest annual improve ever recorded. By the end of 2021, the total number of displaced folks reached 108.4 million, with the figure continuing to rise in 2022, primarily because of the battle in Sudan.
UN refugee chief Filippo Grandi expressed his dismay at the state of the world, stating, “Solutions to these actions are more and more tough to even imagine, to even put on the table. We are in a very polarised world, the place worldwide tensions play out all the way into humanitarian issues.” Prior to the battle in Syria in 2011, the variety of refugees and internally displaced people remained steady at round forty million for nearly 20 years. However, this quantity has elevated yearly since then.
Grandi attributed the rising variety of displaced people to a mix of factors, including battle, persecution, discrimination, violence, and climate change. The report highlighted that half of the entire refugees and those in want of worldwide safety originated from just three countries: Syria, Ukraine, and Afghanistan.
The UN refugee chief also expressed concern over the stricter rules being imposed on admitting refugees and the push-backs they face, without naming particular nations. “We see increasingly a reluctance on the part of states to completely adhere to the rules of the (1951 refugee) convention, even states which have signed it,” Grandi told the Reuters news agency..

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