Four suspects arrested over grand theft of ancient Celtic gold coins in Germany value over 60 million baht

In a significant operation in Germany that buzzed the archaeological sphere, 4 suspects tied to the grand theft of historical Celtic gold coins from a museum in Manching, Bavaria have been arrested recently. The treasure trove, a more than 2000 yr old cache, consisted of tons of of cash valued at about 1.6 million euros or over 60 million baht. The audacious heist occurred in November last yr.
Joachim Herrmann, a minister within the Bavarian Interior Ministry, revealed that the arrests have been made throughout a raid conducted within the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern state on July 18. Further, police executed search warrants throughout a number of states, signalling the prospect of additional investigation.
The Celtic gold coins displayed within the Manching Museum had been discovered during an archaeological dig back in 1999. This was certainly thought to be one of the most vital discoveries of Celtic gold coins within the 20th century. The valuable cash have been showcased within the Manching Museum since 2006.
Investigations suggest that the culprits tampered with the museum’s security system previous to the intrusion. Elements had been spotted in the vicinity, resulting in wide-scale power disruption. This primarily disabled the alarm system, allowing the thieves to break in undetected. Moreover, the complete operation was executed in less than 10 minutes, reported the BBC.
Police are exploring a attainable connection between this theft and the substantial theft of a hundred kilograms of gold cash from a museum in Berlin, dating back to 2017. Similar suspicions are being raised for a separate burglary two years on when an estimated 21 priceless objects have been stolen from the Green Vault museum in Dresden, the capital of jap Germany’s Saxony state.
On November 23, 2022, the Celtic and Roman Museum in Manching, southern Germany, was pictured with a broken window. The Bavarian State Criminal Police Office introduced yesterday, in Munich that an arrest and search operation had taken place in northern Germany’s Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania..

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