FireDos – Stands out as a specialist for screens and proportioners for firefighting

The Germany-based firm FireDos has turn into an established specialist within the subject of designing and manufacturing high-quality foam proportioners and monitors for firefighting worldwide.
“About 20 years in the past, we had been the first company to develop a proportioning idea for firefighting which includes a water motor and a piston pump,” says Managing Director Frank Preiss, portraying the company’s early days. This concept became established in the field of firefighting very quickly. The company FireDos produces stationary proportioners for industries like oil/chemistry, automotive and logistics as well as for hearth brigades. Product approvals such because the Europe-wide VdS accreditation or the worldwide FM approval which was achieved in 2008 affirm the company’s very excessive product normal. The testing facility put in on the Woelfersheim premises is exclusive throughout Europe, too, because it permits testing of proportioners and monitors at water move charges of as much as 40 000 liters per minute (10 566 gpm).
One of the FireDos proportioners’ most prominent characteristics is the flexibility of testing the proportioning fee with out generating foam or premix. “Particularly this eco-friendly and cost-saving testing of the proportioning fee is a good competitive benefit. In addition, we function-test all units before delivery to have the ability to assure the best stage of quality,” says Frank Preiss. pressure gauge 0 10 bar ราคา give consideration to high quality and setting is an integral part of the company philosophy and in addition shows within the products themselves.
Many hearth scenarios could be tackled efficiently and successfully provided that foam is used. In order to provide such foam, a foam concentrate have to be admixed to the extinguishing water at excessive precision. “What makes our concept so particular is that our custom-made water motors and piston pumps work in proportional ratios. This makes the admixing exact, no matter what the water flow rate, pump stress and extinguishing agent’s viscosity is. This method, we all the time keep inside the tolerance necessities of international laws for foam proportioning,” informs Ingo Weiss, Sales Manager. Further advantages of this method include its easy operation and independency of electricity, pushed simply by the extinguishing water circulate. As Weiss acknowledged, the fire departments of several major German cities chose the FireDos system simply because of that. The subsequent era of proportioners, which is more compact, lighter and optimized in nearly all performance relevant traits, is currently undergoing approval testing and can enter the market by the tip of 2019.
Fire Monitor Experts

In 2013, displays for firefighting had been added to the company’s product portfolio. Designed by FireDos this new development does not solely make a visible distinction to competitors’ equipment. “We took new paths in performance and design,” says Preiss. The octagonal ‘Oval Flat Design’ permits an even circulate profile with minimized turbulence, leading to only very low strain loss. The extinguishing agent jet can due to this fact obtain an prolonged attain. The portfolio is available with circulate rates of up to 60 000 liters per minute (15 850 gpm) and a variety of a hundred and eighty meters (590 ft). Optional it permits a continuous adjustment of the water circulate fee during operation. The displays may be actuated either manually or electrically. “This makes them an all-rounder in firefighting and match for particular person adaptation to probably the most variable fields of operation,” reports Weiss. Handling is easy, too. Only little drive is important to swivel the monitors. This helps the operator within the manual model just as it is to the advantage of the drives in the remote-controlled model since the energy consumption stays low. Such parts which may be uncovered to the extinguishing agent circulate are designed to withstand a testing strain of sixty four bar (928 psi), which makes them extraordinarily sturdy and fit to deal with sudden hundreds.
“We focus on our stationary proportioners, fireplace brigade systems and fire-fighting displays to stay market-leading specialists in these fields. We are strengthening our service capabilities to supply our prospects an all-round worry-free bundle,” states Preiss. And efficiently so: More and extra industrial firms and fireplace brigades rely on the products made by FireDos.
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