Father shields youngster from vicious dog attack caught on digital camera

A viral video on social media shows a father bravely protecting his one yr outdated baby from a vicious canine assault in a retailer in Zhaokua, Hunan Province, China. The incident occurred during lunchtime, and the brave father’s fast response saved his youngster from potential harm.
The footage from a closed-circuit digicam captured the occasions on a latest lunchtime. A black canine, seemingly appearing out of nowhere, lunged in path of the sleeping toddler, baring its enamel to bite. The father immediately took action, placing himself between the canine and his toddler youngster.
In an prompt, the father grabbed the dog’s leg and pulled it away from the scene, all while shielding his younger child. With his one arm visibly injured, the concerned father quickly returned to his crying son. He rigorously picked up the kid and rushed outdoors to seek help.
Despite struggling several canine bites on his palms, the heroic father managed to stop any hurt to his baby. The mother later revealed that the canine had bitten her husband multiple instances, inflicting significant blood loss. Following the incident, the daddy was taken to the emergency room and received vaccination pictures. Due to his immediate actions, his child remained unhurt.
As for the aggressive canine, it continued operating round attempting to bite passers-by. The proprietor of the canine has not been identified, so it stays unclear whether or not the dog is a stray or a pet. Official ’s erratic behaviour signifies a possibility of rabies or another sickness, reports Sanook..

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