Alleged Bengal tiger poachers should remove their properties from nationwide park

Yesterday, rangers at Khao Laem nationwide park in Kanchanaburi ordered the removal of 4 houses, belonging to 5 individuals suspected of hunting and killing two endangered Bengal tigers final week. The suspects and their households, or anybody else at present residing within the houses, must leave inside 30 days. Those who don’t comply will be charged with violating the National Park Act by illegally occupying land inside a park. They danger a penalty of four to twenty years and a nice between 400,000 baht to 2,000,000 baht.
ติดตั้งโซล่าเซลล์Huawei had acquired reports of hunters killing wild animals in the nationwide park. They search the park and found a camp where tiger pelts had been hung up to dry and tiger meat was nonetheless cooking on a grill. Four suspects later turned themselves in to police. More latest reports say there are now a complete of 5 suspects. The suspects reportedly claimed the tigers had killed and eaten 20 cows belonging to themselves and local farmers. They mentioned they then used the corpse of one of the cows to lure the tigers to them so they might kill it.
The head of the park stated park officials discovered the two lifeless feminine tigers, one shotgun, five shotgun cartridges, two home-made rifles, 176 rounds of ammunition, two bottles containing gunpowder, one bag of gunpowder, one loaded shotgun, a parcel envelop, a pack of blood strain pills, and 22 ping-pong bombs..

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