Albino bullfrog with numeric marks found in Prachin Buri sparks local pleasure

The discovery of an albino bullfrog with distinctive markings has sparked intrigue and excitement amongst locals forward of the June 16 lottery. A woman from Prachin Buri province lately stumbled upon a peculiar bullfrog whereas foraging for mushrooms within the forest together with her friend.
The bullfrog, which they’d never seen earlier than, appeared to have an uncommon pattern with numbers on its body. Unlike widespread brown bullfrogs with minimal markings, this explicit creature was completely different. The girl captured a video of the unique bullfrog, exclaiming…
“Can you see the numbers? Can you see the cute bullfrog’s numbers? It’s so cute!”
She held the bullfrog briefly earlier than releasing it back into the wild.
Although the lady wished to stay nameless, she granted permission for her pictures to be shared, pointing out that the distinctive markings, resembling the number 380, have been primarily positioned on the bullfrog’s head. After observing the albino bullfrog carefully, she and her good friend released it in its natural habitat and continued their mushroom-picking expedition before heading home.
Giveaway in the past in a village in Thailand, the discovery of an albino turtle by fishermen sparked a craze for lottery numbers as they believe the turtle will deliver them good luck, together with in the lottery. The spouse shared that her husband fishes each night time to sell his catch on the market and occasionally catches rare fish.
On the night time in question, Surachet noticed a wierd light near a pond while looking for fish, and he caught the unusual white turtle. The couple stored the turtle in a cage, inviting villagers to return and see the extraordinary creature.
It was found just after she dreamed of discovering three previous 10-baht coins with holes. Since the lottery draw was approaching, villagers joined together to mild candles and search success from the white turtle..

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