9ninety two year old granny’s electric rice cooker mishap: A side-splitting dinner delight

A humorous incident just lately unfolded in a Chinese household, involving a ninety two yr outdated grandmother’s try and cook rice utilizing a contemporary electrical rice cooker. The end result: a burnt cooker with the rice nonetheless raw left the entire household in suits of laughter, making for an unusual culinary expertise.
Improved was documented and shared on a TikTok account. The video confirmed the aged girl, her silver hair shining, in the kitchen with an electrical rice cooker. Astonishingly, the bottom of the cooker was charred and melted, yet upon investigation, the rice inside remained raw. The family gathered to inquire concerning the grandmother’s unique methodology of rice cooking.
When requested about her process, the grandmother demonstrated how she had positioned the electric rice cooker on a gas stove and ignited it. The flames from the gas range triggered the plastic exterior of the cooker to melt. Alert to the potential danger, she promptly switched off the stove.
“I smelled something burning, so I turned off the stove.”

Her household responded with laughter to this recounting of events. Fortunately, apart from the damaged rice cooker, no severe hurt was caused by the incident, reported Sanook.
The video clip, circulated on social media, has garnered tens of 1000’s of views. While serving as a reminder about fire security and potential explosions, the video has additionally introduced smiles to many, owing to the carefree and jovial attitude of the elderly lady.
Despite being 92 years previous, she is in excellent well being, loves her family, and is raring to assist in the kitchen. Her infectious happiness, evident in her warm smile, has impressed smiles among viewers as nicely.
“Seeing her smile makes me happy too.”

“It’s very dangerous. She shouldn’t be allowed within the kitchen.”

“She’s ninety two years previous, but she stands straighter and moves faster than many young individuals. I wish her good well being and happiness with her children and grandchildren.”

“Although it’s a bit harmful, she’s still lovable. I wish her happiness and good well being always.”

“I couldn’t cease laughing when she stated she smelled one thing burning.”

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