1sixteen year old Thai lady arrested for appearing as pimp, offering underage teenage prostitutes

Cyber Crimes Investigation Bureau (CCIB) officers arrested a sixteen yr old woman who acted as a pimp, offering underage teenage prostitutes to customers in Kamphaeng Phet, central Thailand.
The CCIB right now arrested a teenage woman named A and performed a raid at her home on Tae Sa Road in Kamphaeng Phet province after receiving a tip-off from the non-governmental organisation Alliance Anti Trafic (ATT). The ATT reported that A advertised sex providers on the Twitter account @you096543.
An officer pretended to be a customer and contacted A by way of a LINE account provided on Twitter. A knowledgeable the police customer that one teenage lady value 1,a hundred baht for one hour, and a hotel fare was excluded. She then sent pictures of four teenage prostitutes to the officers to choose.
The officer reserved the service and urged A to ship the prostitute to him at Lanna Resort in the province. A requested a deposit of 200 baht and advised the officer to pay 900 baht extra on the lodge.
The CCIB monitored the resort till A and the four prostitutes arrived, aged 14 to 18 years outdated. Officers pretended to pay the relaxation of the service fees and arrested A after her criminal action clearly introduced.
A admitted to her illegal action. Plain defined that she beforehand provided the sex service by herself. Many prospects urged her to search out more teenage women for them, so she convinced others to sell intercourse. She advertised the service on Twitter and despatched the women to customers at every hotel in the province. She collected 500 baht from the prostitutes and let them maintain 600 baht.
Only A faces legal costs for her actions as CCIB officers considered the teenage prostitutes to be victims. They are actually under the care of the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security (M-Society).
A faces four costs together with::

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